Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sebastian Junger's Book Tour review

Sebastian Junger Third Place Books 5-22-10

Took in Red Hot Author, Sebastian Junger, for a reading on his new book "WAR". For a Saturday evening it was standing room only. The manager at Third Place Books told me they underbooked the room. Yeah no shit.

Frankly I didn't know what to expect when I went to listen to Junger speak but in my mind I had him pictured as the second coming of Hemingway which is a common comparison by more people than just myself.

Junger doesn't look at all like the great Heminway who swashbucked his way across Italy and France for subject material and I'm not sure you will find Junger arm wresting in Key West but otherwise it is a fair comparrison.
Junger slashed and burned his way across the planet in places like Bosnia and Iran after deciding to change careers from cutting down trees to becoming a freelance writer.
He comes across a decent serious type who would not suffer fools. Its not to say Junger could not crack a joke on occasion but it is doubtful the joke would come at anyone's expense incapable of defending themselves.
He attached himself to an Army unit in Afganistan charged with facing some of the toughest fighting in that war and lived to tell stories of death and personal near death. Junger would not talk much abouth his personal event instead focusing on the men who were the subject of his book.

Junger may be a tough guy but there is a decent side to him when he presents to an audience. He does appolgize ahead of time to ladies in the audience for reading outloud some vulger selections but he does not apollogize for writing them.

It is Jungers wish to present the story of life in the Korengal Valley of Afganistan in as apolitical a fashion as possible through his writing. His book reading this night was an attempt to do the same, thus making it a comfortable evening for anyone attending. No matter what side you might be on.

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