Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jess Walter Writing Class at Hugo House

Jess Walter held a writing work shop focused on the beginning of the novel and how to find the voice of the book. So this was not an author reading. It does answer the kind of questions audiences ask at these readings so I felt it worth posting.

Here are some of Mr. Walter's pearls of wisdom worth mentioning that I found interesting on the craft of novel writing.

“I never like the question ‘Do you outline?’ because it often comes from other writers and what they are asking is this: Am I normal? Am I doing this right? So whether you outline or not, the answer is that whatever you are doing is the correct way to write.”

“I associate writing with things I love. I begin each day with a large latte, and one of my wife’s special cookies and I begin to write about 6 am. The closer I get to being finished the earlier I get up 5:30, 4:40. I answer no e-mail and no internet. Just focus on the writing with the things in life I associate with pleasure.”

“I never show anyone what I have written until it is done. I write it till I am finished with it and it makes séance to me. Then I let my wife and friends and publisher look at it for feedback.”

“’Citizen Vince’ (Edgar Award Winner Best Mystery Novel) is about three things: Politics, Doughnuts and the Witness Protection Program. Those three things made sense to me and what every subjects makes sense to you that is the way you should write your book. Find things that connect in a manner that make sense to you.”

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